1/285th Aircraft Carriers - No were not Joking!

Have you ever played a Pacific Game where your Vals & Kates have valiantly fought through those dastardly Wildcats only to attack an objective counter or miniscule 1/700th scale ship?  Well we have and were fed up, so we've come up with a much better way to represent your target. 

Our Carriers are designed to just represent the deck and  above. It comes in sections for easy storage and mobility.  It is produced in plaster polymer with the smaller parts being metal.

United States

CAR 001 - USS Enterprise (Includes Deck, Superstructure & Gun Tubs)     $TBD 

CAR 001a - USS Enterprise - As above but with 16 US Carrier Aircraft     $TBD

(Please note that the carrier comes in kit form and requires assembly - 51 Parts)


Next release will be a Japanese carrier the 'Shokaku'. 

Any comments or suggestions for future carriers are of course welcome.  Please e-mail us here.