1/285th Squadron Packs

Here you will find the first of our special Squadron Sets dedicated to famous Squadrons & Air Groups. Each set contains a exclusive Decal Sheet reflecting a particulair unit and is not available separetly.

Shiden-Kai with Genda's Blade Decals applied.

Set 1 - Genda's Blade - Japans Squadron of Aces

In late 1944 Captain Minoru Genda, the mastermind behind the raid on Pearl Harbor, set about creating an elite IJN naval unit manned by the best pilots available.  This unit the 343 Kokutai was given their newest & deadliest fighter (Shiden-Kai) and fought in the last battles over Japan.  Their story is chronicled in the book 'Genda's Blade' by Henry Sakaida & Koji Takaki and is well worth reading.

The set contains either 8 or 16 Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden-Kai 'George' & an exclusive decal set depicting the 407th Squadron of 343 Kokutai.  The decals include tail codes for 16 different aircraft, fuselage bands for the section & squadron leaders & distinctive numbered fuselage markings with the white outline painted out with green.

SP01 - Genda's Blade set with 8 x Shiden-Kai + Decal Sheet    $24.00                 

SP01a - Genda's Blade set with 16 x Shiden-Kai + Decal Sheet   $45.00


For reference only, the actual decal sheet is of course much sharper, see Shiden-Kai pic above.